Pokemon RSE Secret Base Stuff for Custom Furniture

Pokemon RSE Secret Base Stuff for Custom Furniture

This mod includes about 127 items all pulled from the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald games, mostly from the secret base furniture. The only pieces that aren’t included are the tents, stand, slide, boards, fences, and the breakable door. Oh, and the mud ball because… it’s mud. Everything else is there, plus a bunch of overworld pokemon sprites that I stuck in as dolls! And 1 animated Sudowoodo!

The big tables only let you put one item on top of them, unfortunately. Oh well. At least you can have a giant Rayquaza in your house.

I checked everything to make sure it worked right, but I may still have missed something, so if anything shows up in your game as a totally different item when you place it please let me know.


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