Difficulty option for bundles

Difficulty option for bundles

Your are looking for a challenge or to pass more time in stardew valley. This mod is for you, it makes the bundles harder to be completed!

I found the bundles of the community center too easy so I worked on this mod to make them harder (It also affects the missing bundle).
But you also have the option to make them easier.

The mod does not reset the progress you have already made with the bundles before the installation.
It is the first my first mod, i’m waiting for your feedback.

-Very hard Bundles: I am starting a new game to test it. It will take you a lot of patience(many in game years) and maybe some strategies to complete the community center. rewards include a stardrop!

-Free Bundles.A: You will need one piece of wood to complete all the bundles. It also removes the material rewards.
-Free Bundles.B: You will need one piece of wood to complete each bundle. The vanilla rewards are conserved.
-Free Bundles.C: You will need one piece of wood to complete each bundle. It Gives you a stardrop for each bundle completed(A total of 36 stardrops).

I’m working to add mod versions soon!

Nothing, not even SMAPI!

I made the mod for Stardew Valley 1.4.3 but it should work for 1.4.X

1. Download the version you want
2. Open you Stardew Valley folder
3. Go into the ‘Content’ folder and then in the ‘Data’ folder.
4. Replace the vanilla ‘bundles.xnb’ by the one you downloaded
5. Enjoy!


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