DcBurger and Adarin HD Girls Portraits Edit Mod

DcBurger and Adarin HD Girls Portraits Edit Mod

So, what is this mod?
This is a personal edit of Abigail, Penny and Haley’s DcBurger portraits, modified with assets from Adarin’s HD Portraits by moirgane, and some other random assets from anime avatar templates. I love DcBurger’s portraits, but some of the girls do not match so well the image I have in my headcanon. This is merely a matter of personal taste.

For this to work, you need Portraiture, Content Patcher, and Smapi, as usual with mods.

These portraits are in no way perfect, and they are offered as is. I simply thought someone else might like them after I finished with them.

There are 3 files in this mod:

DcBurger+AdarinHDGirls_Portraits: this contains the 3 portraits in .png format.
You need to extract them to your portraits folder in Portraiture and replace Dcburgers original files with these.
If you use Seasonal Outfits: I currently use a personally modified version of this mod that allows to use the DcBurger portraits for all seasons, since the latest versions disabled those portraits. I have created the seasonal versions for Abigail and Haley’s portraits, but I will contact the authors before releasing these, even in private).

DcBurger+AdarinHDGirls_PennySprite_NormalPam: Penny’s sprite, modified to match the new Portrait. Uses some resources from Slightly Cuter Character Sprites (wedding and flower dance outfit).
Includes png and xnb formats, so you can use whichever is more convenient. Use this version if you have the standard Pam in your game.

DcBurger+AdarinHDGirls_PennySprite_HotPam: new sprite for Penny in png and xnb formats, made for compatibility with the Hot Pam mod.

I hope everything is clear, as this is my first time uploading a mod to Nexus. If any of the original authors asks me to take this down, I will do so inmmediately, although I have tried to contact them to obtain permission.

Any questions or suggestions to improve this description are welcome, I have never submitted a mod before and I’m not quite sure how all this works.
And thanks to this wonderful community for all your hard work to make this great game even better!


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