Bars To Ores

Bars To Ores

Using Content Patcher this mod allows the player to craft the following in their inventory:

Refined Quartz -> Quartz [Mining Level 1] Copper Bar -> 5 Copper Ore [Mining Level 1] Iron Bar -> 5 Iron Ore [Mining Level 4] Gold Bar -> 5 Gold Ore [Mining Level 7] Iridium Bar -> 5 Iridium Ore [Mining Level 9]

This should be useful for crafting bombs, completing Clint’s “Ore Inspection” quests at the help wanted board and freeing up inventory space when finding bars at the mines.

If you pretend on playing this with a new save, just download and enjoy!

If you want to use this mod with a current save
Locate your save file, it’s normally found in AppData/Roaming/StardewValley/Saves, after finding the save folder, open it and open the character file with the text editor, it should be named something like name_123456789. In the text editor, select Edit>Locate… at the top menu,
type in the prompt, press Locate Next and type the following codes:

Quartz -> <item><key><string>Quartz</string></key><value><int>0</int></value></item>
Copper Ore -> <item><key><string>Copper Ore</string></key><value><int>0</int></value></item>
Iron Ore -> <item><key><string>Iron Ore</string></key><value><int>0</int></value></item>
Gold Ore -> <item><key><string>Gold Ore</string></key><value><int>0</int></value></item>
Iridium Ore -> <item><key><string>Iridium Ore</string></key><value><int>0</int></value></item>

It should look like this:

You only need to add the ones for the mining levels you haven’t achieved yet, unless you are already level 9+ or you want to unlock them all right away.

After adding all the recipes you want, save the changes and all should be working!


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