Steins Gate – Makise Kurisu Abigail Mod (CP) Mod

Steins Gate – Makise Kurisu Abigail Mod (CP) Mod

Install the latest version of SMAPI.
Install the latest version of Content Patcher.
Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
Tweak the config to your liking
Run the game using SMAPI.

Config Options

Replaces Abigail’s sprites & portraits and changes her name to Kurisu (the same basic functionality as the original .xmb mod from MahoHiyajo).

Changes the elements of her character’s disposition as follows (manners and social anxiety will influence some of her generic dialogue).
-“true” sets manners to “rude” and social anxiety to “shy”
-“false” sets manners and social anxiety to “neutral”

Replace “Joja Cola” with “Dk Pepper”
-“standard” will change only the item name and description
-“boosted” will give it a +1 speed boost (for the same duration as Coffee)
-“no” will not change the Joja Cola at all

Update her gift tastes to be more suitable for Kurisu’s character and changes her responses to receiving gifts.
Her responses differ slightly depending on how you set “isTsundere”.

You can tweak her gift-reception responses as you please in content.json, just find the section that will run based on your selections made in config (look for the “When:” at the bottom of each section) and change the dialogue bits to your liking. Same goes for the properties of the Joja Cola (item ID 167)- see the links for more details on making these changes.

Not compatible with other mods which use Content Patcher to override Abigail’s sprites/portraits
I don’t know of other incompatibilities, please post them if any come up


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