Clint Marriage Mod

Clint Marriage Mod

A datable and marriagable Clint is now available for someone finding a new bachelor!
This Marriage Mod includes the following:

1. Numerous daily dialogue. The sweet talk will be triggered when Clint getting 8+ hearts… some of them are seasonally limited! Therefore, rather than getting married immediately upon reaching 10 hearts, I suggest you talking with him everyday and enjoying the daily sweet talks;
2. The festival dialogue will be more and more flirty and sweet depending on how many hearts Clint has (four stages of 2, 4, 8, and 11 hearts);
3. Now Clint can be invited to be your partner in the Flower Dance Festival;
4. Of course numerous post-marriage dialogue! Clint indeed is a warm-hearted husband! He will not go to the pub again as it isn’t necessary anymore!
5. After getting marriage, Clint will go to work on Mon,Wed, and Fri. As the mayor said that all goods and services should be taxed, he will not give you any discount. However, sometime he’ll secretly bring a piece of metal for you as a gift;
6. The Original 3 hearts event is revised so as to consrrepond to the love story line.
7. Added 4, 6, 8, 10 hearts events and THREE post-marriage hearts event;
8. Clint still secretly loves Emily at the beginning but you will find that he have thrown the love letter away after happening certain events. In addition, if Clint gets more hearts, you will find the another love letter addressing to some special one…
9. The task of delivering an amethyst to Emily is now removed. Instead, you are required to delivery a ruby ​​to Clint (6th of Summer). Please complete this task which is related to the story line;
10. Clint will be included in boy-dumped event! So please be careful when cheating on the guys…
11. Clint will have his own room in farmhouse (TMXloader is required) but there is no patio for him…
12. Emily and Marnie will have special dialogue depending the relationship between you and Clint.
13. English and Chinese version are available! The Language pack will be automatically loaded when you choose English or Chinese. (Welcome Translation!)

Known issues that I can’t fixed them:
1. Another Clint will attend as the guest during marriage ceremony…;
2. After getting marriage and when asking Clint to break geodes, you will find his head is lying on the ground…(?);
3. The thing you get from 10 heart event is not usable…Actually this is not fault or negligence of Clint but the bugs of the game;
4. There is a change that you can’t enter into the Blacksmith when a heart is gained in one day. This can be fixed after you sleep.
5. Normally Clint’s 8 hearts and 10 hearts events are incompatible with Emily’s makeover event. However,I don’t know why you will still receive the invite letter from Emily even those Clint’s heart events have been triggered.

Hearts Event Condition:
Three Hearts: 19:00-23:00, Stardrop Saloon, Mon.
Four Hearts: 20:00-24:00, Mountain, Sunny, Has seen the three hearts event.
Six Hearts: 10:00-17:00, Blacksmith, Sunny, IS NOT SUMMER, Having 2 hearts with Alex.
Eight Hearts: 18:00-19:30, Entering the Town from Bus Stop, Sunny, Has seen the four hearts event, Has NOT seen Emily’s makeover event and not married to her.
Ten Hearts: you will receive the letter from Clint, 19:00-24:00,Town, Sunny, Has NOT seen Emily’s makeover event and not married to her. (ATTENTION: the day will end in this event.)
Post-Marriage Hearts Event Condition:
Eleven Hearts: 18:00-21:00, Stardrop Saloon, Fri.
Twelve Hearts I: 22:00-23:00, FarmHouse, Has upgrade the Farmhouse 2 or 3 times, Tue, Thu, Sat and Sun.(ATTENTION: the day will end in this event.)
Twelve Hearts II: 20:00-23:00, Mountain, Sunny, The 3rd year.

The spouse room of Clint:
1. As reported by some players, the game may easily crash if the spouse room is not installed.
2. The TMXLoader and PyTK is required for the spouse room.

The portrait of Clint:
1. You may use the alternative portrait mod by setting “False” in the Column of “ChangePortraiture” contained the config.json. However, I do not promise the compatibility. This is to say, certain expression may disappear when using alternative portrait mod.
2. The sprite can’t be changed as this kind of change may cause glitch.

The Compatibility:
This Mod is NOT compatible with the mod modifying the map e.g. SVE.
Although not tested, I believe the Find for Love Mod may be installed together if you set Clint is not datable in its config. json.

Special Thanks & Copyright:
Thousand thanks to Edith for the awesome portrait and sprite!Thousand thanks to Erinyang for the English translation!Thousand thanks to for Lord Yuri’s advice and guidance of making the spouse room!
The portraiture and sprite used in this Mod is created by Edith, and the permission of use has been duly obtained. However, nothing contained in the permission shall constitute or be considered to be a transfer of any Intellectual Property Rights. All intellectual property rights in the modding code and the portraiture are respectively vested and shall remain vested in me and the Edith.Without my prior consent, please do not modify, add or delete this marriage MOD and release it in your name. However, welcome translation or compatibility updated! You may do this sort of work without asking me but I would be grateful if you can let me know where you upload the Mod.


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