Sleepless in Stardew

Sleepless in Stardew

The Stardew Valley Late-Night Get-More-Done Sleep-less Insomniac Productivity Powernap Mod!
Just add this mod and extend your sleep time to 6am instead of 2am.

Install the latest version of SMAPI.
Download the Sleepless in Stardew mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
Run the game using SMAPI.


Will this break my game save?
Nope! It just gives you an extra 4 hours to be more productive per day.

Does this affect the in-game events?

What happens if I stay up past 6am?
You will pass out and lose stuff so be careful!

Are my stats going to be affected? Nope! This mod works by simply manipulating the in-game world time and nothing else about your gameplay will be different.

What about my pet happiness?
Your pet will love you just the same. <3

Will this work in Multiplayer?
I am planning to add multiplayer-support soon!

We built this Stardew Valley Late-Night Get-More-Done Sleep-less Insomniac Productivity Powernap Mod live on Twitch at the Comfy Corner!


What is Stardew Valley mods

You will surely agree that playing Stardew Valley Mods is a fabulous way to spend your free time. If you are a fan, most probably you have already heard about mods or even tried them. Mods allow you to to upgrade the game and personalize it just the way you like. It's very simple indeed - you just have to select the file you want and push the Stardew Valley Mod download button. Simple, isn't it? That's because we like it that way. See for yourself!

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