What exactly does Prospurrity do?
Prospurrity currently adds 3 cats as barn animals, 2 items, and 1 machine.

– Black Cat: This bizarre cat will bring you coffee daily.
– Himalayan Cat: Himalayans are adorable and useful; every other day, this cat leaves a bag of fish in its barn.
– Tortoiseshell Cat: What a lucky cat! Every other day it shares that luck through a dish.
(To collect the cat products, use a Milk Pail.)

– Fish Bag: A bag containing low-valued fish.
– Deluxe Fish Bag: A bag containing high-valued fish.

– Aquarium: Put your fish bags in here to produce a random fish. (This can be either crafted or bought from Willy.)

Required Mods:

First, make sure the following mods are installed:
– Content Patcher (link)
– Json Assets (link)
– Custom Farming Redux (link)
– Paritee’s Better Farm Animal Variety (link)

Next, within your mod folder, open Paritee’s Better Farm Animal Variety.
Open the file labeled config.json. In the config file, you will see this:

“Pig”: {
“Types”: [
“Buildings”: [
“Deluxe Barn”
“AnimalShop”: {
“Name”: “Pig”,
“Description”: “These pigs are trained to find truffles!”,
“Price”: “16000”,
“Icon”: “assets\\animal_shop_pig.png”

Right afterwards, copy and paste the following to the config file:
“Cat”: {
“Types”: [
“Black Cat”,
“Himalayan Cat”,
“Tortoiseshell Cat”,
“Buildings”: [
“Big Barn”,
“Deluxe Barn”
“AnimalShop”: {
“Name”: “Cat”,
“Description”: “A variety of cats, all adorable”,
“Price”: “3000”,
“Icon”: “assets\\animal_shop_cat.png”

Then, move the file called “animal_shop_cat.png” from [BFAV] Prospurrity to the assets folder in Paritee’s Better Farm Animal Variety.
(This is the icon to buy cats at Marnie’s.)

Lastly, download, unzip, and copy each Prospurrity folder into your mods folder.


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