Pookachus Fishing Farm Mod

Pookachus Fishing Farm Mod

Converted the Town map into the fishing farm! I am still testing this map through the seasons, working out the kinks with the warps.

Some important things you need to know before you decide to download and install this mod:
1. It requires a new save
2. You can’t use any mods that alter the backwoods, forest, farm cave, or bus stop (unless you know how to alter the warping points into the farm on those respective maps). Working on this… for now its got my cleaned up forest map, a version of the backwoods with shortcut, special farm cave, and regular bus stop.
3. You can’t build on any of the grassy areas
4. The spouse area may or may not show up. Your spouse will still use the area but for example Sam’s skate ramp didn’t show up in the screenshot i posted.
5. You will need to edit the config for Extended Minecart so that it knows where to drop you when you take the cart back to the farm:

“RefuelingEnabled”: false,
“AlternateDesertMinecart”: false,
“AlternateFarmMinecart”: true,
“FarmDestinationEnabled”: true,
“DesertDestinationEnabled”: true,
“WoodsDestinationEnabled”: true,
“BeachDestinationEnabled”: true,
“WizardDestinationEnabled”: true,
“UseCustomFarmDestination”: true,
“CustomFarmDestinationPoint”: “100, 8”

Use custom farm destination true and the 100, 8 cords are what need to be altered for this map. The rest of that is preference.


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