Indoor Beehouses Mod

Indoor Beehouses Mod

I’ve always loved using beehouses and flowers as a means of making money, but don’t you wish flowers in your greenhouse were a bit less… useless? Thankfully with this mod you can now get honey of any kind any time of the year!

An indoor beehouse is significantly more expensive to craft than a regular beehouse, due to the required changes to let the bees live healthy lives indoors. However, since the bees are forced to stay inside their hive (nobody needs to get stung by bees in their house), you will have to insert a flower in order for the hive to produce honey. In exchange, it will take about half the time to produce honey than normally. This gives extra use to flowers of all kinds as well, making them able to compete a lot better with regular crops.

Additionally, foragable flowers and modded flowers can be used to create honey too! Now go out there and create your honey empire.

I made this mod in mind with Fippsie’s lovely Bird House mod! Now you can use that space for bees… and stuff (woo).

It is also compatible with Quality Products! However, the special kinds of mead will only work with the base game flowers (ones you can plant, not foragables).

This mod requires Custom Farming Redux and its dependencies in order to work!

How install? (plz halp)
Simply extract and drag the [CFR]Indoor Beehouse folder into your mods folder and you will obtain the crafting recipe next time you launch the game! (Make sure you have custom farming redux you dumb butt)


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