Immersive Characters – Shane em portugues

Immersive Characters – Shane em portugues

The mod also changes the gift dialogs and their likes (he stops liking beer after the 6 hearts event) and also lets you talk to shane while he works on joja and adds some question dialogs for each number of hearts. .

New Events Guide
(Events between 8 and 10 hearts)
* The event with 4 hearts now depends on the event with 2 hearts.
* Changes to the 7-heart event for a deeper look at Jas and Shane’s relationship and how his behavior affected him.
* A new 8-heart event in year 3 that will increase the endgame content and showcase Shane’s progress in improving his life.
* The 10 hearts event has been moved to happen in 8 hearts if you are dating him. The event itself seemed like something that would happen when you start dating (for example, at 8 hearts), not when you are already in an established relationship.
* A new 10-heart event that reflects that you are in an established relationship. (Go to your farm between 10:00 pm and 12:00 am on a sunny day when you have 10 hearts with Shane).
(Post Marriage Events)
* New visit to the pier: Shane and the farmer reflect on how much life has changed since their first drunken encounter on the pier. (Have 11 hearts with Shane. Go into the woods between 8 pm and 9 pm on a sunny spring day. No will be triggered on Mondays, Fridays or festival days).
* Pillow talk: Shane and the farmer have a sleepy talk before the day is over. (Have 12 hearts with Shane. Go home on a winter night between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am when he’s home. Will not fire on Monday, Friday, Saturday, or Festival Day (requires update of second home). (I do not recommend this event for people who are having a hard time or are more sensitive since this is a VERY heavy event)
* Jas’s Birthday 1: Jas visits the farm to invite Shane and the farmer to their birthday party. (Have 12 hearts with shane, Marnie and Jas with 10. Leave your home between 6am and 9am on Jas’s birthday (summer day 4).
* Jas’s Birthday 2: Jas, Marnie, Shane and the Farmer celebrate Jas’s birthday. (After Jas invites you, go to the woods between 11am and 1pm on summer day 4)

just move the file inside the compact folder to your mods folder and have ContentPatcher installed


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