Hat Mouse House Makeover Mod

Hat Mouse House Makeover Mod

Mouse House Makeover is a Content Patcher mod which gives Hat Mouse a fancy new stone house and some friends to share the burden of minding the store. Also fixes a vanilla texture bug for those scoundrels who choose to keep Hat Mouse and friends living in squalor. Compatible with Fixed Mouse House Mod although it does not affect that mod’s alignment problems. House and mouse options can be set in the config.json file; this file is not included with the download and will be automatically created the first time the game is run with the mod loaded.

Install the latest version of SMAPI.
Install the latest version of Content Patcher.
Unzip the download and place the included [CP] Mouse House Makeover folder into your Mods folder.

WhichMouseSprite lets you select who minds the store. The default is all which assigns the mice based on the day of the week. A single store minder can be chosen with the other options (original, beret, or glasses).
UseFancyHouse lets you decide whether Hat Mouse and friends get a fabulous new stone house (true – the default) or continue to toil in abandoned ruins (false). Also set to false in order to use with Fixed Mouse House.
RecolorOption lets you change recolor compatibility if not using the fancy house. Default option of auto is probably the best choice, but you can force a specific recolor with the other options (ATDSV, Ace, Starblue, or none).
UseMapPatch lets you choose whether or not to use a tiny little map merge to fix a missing piece on the right side of the roof. Options are true (default) or false.

Additional Notes:
The tiny map patch might fail to apply if using another mod which edits or replaces the Forest map.
Special thanks to toe for emotional support.

Mouse House Makeover requires Content Patcher version 1.8 or higher (which means it also requires SMAPI version 2.11 or higher). It should work version 1.3.36 of Stardew Valley.

MouseyPounds and hatmouse

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