Emily Blonde Extension

Emily Blonde Extension

This is a redesign for Emily that incorporates three other mods with the Seasonal Outfits mod as the baseline. I.e. the png files were spliced with three other mods’ png files. Emily has a new blonde hairstyle with two outfits replacing her fall and spring attire.

Disclaimer: I did not create any new portraits or character sprites. The Extreme Makeover portrait dress straps were moved closer to the neck and arms sleeves were added. The color scheme from Extreme Makeover was integrated into the Sprites Remastered and the hairstyle itself was flipped to match the hair direction of the portrait from the Extreme Makeover. Everything else about these portraits/sprites were placed on top of each other with some mild adjustments to address some clipping issues.

All the sprites/portraits use Emily’s body (from the neck down) for all of them except for Fall_Indoor, Emily_Spring_Indoor_Sleeves, Emily_Spring_Indoor_NoSleeves
Hats and any head accessories are included into the sprites/portraits (i.e. only the hair/face is removed)
The Emily_SpiritsEve, Emily_Spring_Indoor_Rain_Yellow Emily_Winter_Outdoor_HarNoScarf, Emily_Winter_Outdoor_NoHatNoScarf, Emily_Winter_Outdoor_NoHatScarf sprites/portraits are untouched

Sprites/portraits use Emily’s body (from the neck down) for Emily_Spring_Indoor_Sleeves

Sprites/portraits used Emily’s body (from the neck down) for Fall_Indoor, Emily_Spring_Indoor_NoSleeves
Sprites hair shape is used for all of the sprites except for Emily_FlowerDance and Emily_WinterStar

Portrait is used from the head up for all the portraits except the Emily_SpiritsEve, Emily_FlowerDance and Emily_WinterStar
Portrait’s whole body is used with modified shoulder straps and arm sleeves to emulate the sprite in the Emily Sprites Remastered mod in Fall_Indoor and Emily_Spring_Indoor_NoSleeves
All of the sprites hair color except for Emily_SpiritsEve is taken from this mod.

Some sprite png files (festivals/spring rain) may contain the hairstyle from Extreme Makeover Emily instead of the blonde recolor from Emily Sprites Remastered.
Portraits/Sprites cleaning required due to how the transparency issue was addressed to get this done faster.

All authors were messaged. With exception of thejesse081 (Who hasn’t been on since October 2018), have directly given permission to this page’s upload as long as there was credit given and/or have a page link to the original mod. On thejesse081’s mod page they’ve allowed the use of the assets in the file without permission or crediting.

Download/Install/Run the Seasonal Outfits mod, Download Emily Blonde Extension, Open the Seasonal Outfits mod through Steam> SteamApps>common>Stardew Valley>Mods>Seasonal Villager Outfits>[CP] Seasonal Villager Outfits
Paste the new correlating png files into the Emily file
Paste the new correlating png files into each of the specific Festivals files
Paste the new correlating png files into the Emily file
Paste the new correlating png files into each of the specific Festivals files

Do not replace the whole file since the Emily Blonde Extension only has files relating to Emily portraits/sprites that were edited. Any other characters/Emily png files not included in the edit will be gone. This is done because only the png files that were changed will be posted instead of uploading all of
Tanpoponoko’s work on her mod. It would be misleading to post png files that I had no contribution in creating just for the sake of making it easier/quicker to install.

Backup the Characters/Portrait files from Seasonal Outfits or just re-download them again and overwrite to revert back to the original png files.

To edit when/what outfit Emily wears you need to edit the config/content .json files in the Seasonal Outfits mod. Feel free to message me or comment if you have any critiques/suggestions. If there’s something I’m forgetting please let me know.


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