Brandy, Whisky, Vodka and more. With these machines you can make strong beverages.

Distillery adds two new machines to the game and a couple of new rules for Keg and Recycling machine. You get them when you have farming level 8 (i.e. when you can make kegs and have something to distill)

Distillery itself makes strong alcoholic beverages from milder ones and juices(three bottles are required for one of the product):

Most wines are distilled into brandy.Cactus fruit wine becomes tequila.Pale ale is distilled into Malt Whisky
Beer is distilled into Bourbon Whiskey
Mead is distilled into Rum

There are two new keg produces:
Sake from (milled rice), which can be further distilled into Rice Vodka

Long drink from Snow Jam (some use for it!) which can be distilledinto Gin (yes, I know it should be juniper, but there are none in the game; and I know the procedure is backwards anyway…)

Other juices can be distilled into Vodka with more or less success.

Corn juice and potato juice produce vodka almost always, Amaranth juice and beet juice almost as well,but other juices are more probable to become Moonshine.

Normal distilling takes two hours, Moonshine pops out after half an hour. Moonshine is worthless but you can put it in the Recycling machine to get something hopefully a bit more useful…

As the function of Casks would be hard to reprogram, the aging of brandy etc. can be done in an Iron Cask.
After six weeks you have aged(iridium quality) brandy, whisky, rum or gin.

Gin needs a pine cone for flavour (the closest I could get to that juniper).

Iron cask can also be used to produce Absinthe from vodka.
Holly is used for seasoning this time (hey, I know that’s not the correct spice, but again I wanted to use things that exist in the vanilla game (and especially have little use otherwise).

I tried my best with the graphics. That is not my specialty.
I might add translation files later, but there isn’t much text.
No incombatibilities that I know. I did test runs with a bunch of other mods, including SVE,

Installation: put the two mod folders [JA]Distillery and [PFM]Distillery to your mod folder.

I hope I put in all the dependencies. (the possible dependencies of dependencies are not listed)


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