Current Location Mod

Current Location Mod

Notice: This is an updated re-upload of my old mod from before SV 1.3 was released. Now it is updated for SV 1.3.36+!

This mod displays the new current location after you changed the location/map.
It either displays it as a popup in the left bottom corner or as an on-screen message in the middle of the screen.
You can choose (with SMAPI console command – see “cl help” for details) whether to have the popup message and/or the on-screen message.

Download and install SMAPI
Download and install this mod (download with Vortex possible and recommended)
Start SV and load up a save game or start a new game
Edit settings via console command as desired

Stardew Valley 1.3.36+
Stardew Valley Modding API (SMAPI) 2.9+

Console command usage

Usage: cl <command> <parameter>
<command>    one of the following:
help        show this help
show        show currently active options
reset       reset options back to default values
fallback    true|false: use fallback names for unknown locations
popup       true|false: show popup message when changing locations
special     true|false: show special icon in popups for festivals
onscreen    true|false: show on-screen message when changing locations
smooth      true|false: use a smooth font for on-screen message when changing locations
verbose     true|false: enable verbose logging
<parameter>  one of the following for fallback, popup, special, onscreen, smooth and verbose:
true        enables an option
false       disables an option
cl special false   disables special icons for festivals
cl verbose true    enables verbose logging
cl reset           resets all settings back to default


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