(CP) Belted Galloway Cow Reskin Mod

(CP) Belted Galloway Cow Reskin Mod

Simply replaces either brown or white cows with a Belted Galloway recolor of the vanilla cow sprite, and renames that type of cow as Belted Galloway (i.e. when you purchase one from Marnie or move one to a different barn.) Also optionally changes the cow icon in Marnie’s livestock shop to a Belted Galloway face.

Install the latest version of SMAPI.
Install Content Patcher.
Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
Run the game using SMAPI.

config.json options
config.json will appear in the [CP] Belted Galloway folder once you have run SMAPI with this mod installed at least once.

ReplaceCowColor: Brown or White [defaults to Brown] – determines which type of cow to replace
ReplaceIcon: true or false [defaults to false] – determines whether to replace the cow icon in Marnie’s shop

Adopt ‘n’ Skin Installation
To use with Adopt ‘n’ Skin instead of Content Patcher, just copy the belted_galloway.png and belted_galloway_baby.png files from [CP] Belted Galloway/assets into AdoptSkin/assets/skins and rename them according to Adopt ‘n’ Skin’s naming conventions. If you use this method, make sure the [CP] Belted Galloway mod is not also installed.

This will not rename the cow type or replace the icon in Marnie’s shop.


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