BFAV Fennec Foxes

BFAV Fennec Foxes

hey there! would you like to add some very cute fennec foxes that look somewhat like chihuahuas to your stardew valley farm?? then this mod is for you!

– 2 types: normal and albino
– normal foxes will dig up mixed seeds at first, then “fox’s treasure” at a higher heart level, which may drop high quantities of rare seeds!
– albino foxes dig up marble at first, then “mysterious artifact” which can yield any artifact in the game!*
– can either live in a big or deluxe barn
– mostly for aesthetics but you can turn a profit with what they drop

fox treasure and mysterious artifacts are custom jsonassets items that can be processed in the recovery machine for a wide variety of useful items!

this is my first actual mod, I’m much more of an artist than I am a coder/modder so I had some help! thank you to all of the lovely people over at the stardew valley discord who helped give me advice, and to TrentXV for letting me use the recovery machine he created! he also helped me in the process of creating a bfav mod 🙂

*albino foxes are more useful for finding artifacts for the museum in terms of processing what they drop. once you have all of the artifacts, it’s more profitable to just sell the mysterious artifacts that they drop raw

please let me know if the mod has any bugs or if you think I should rebalance something, as I stated I’m super new to mod-making and despite my effort this mod is nowhere near perfect

on installation the readme file has everything you need to know in order to install the foxes and the jsonasset items!


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