Animated Prismatic Galaxy Sword

Animated Prismatic Galaxy Sword

Replaces the Galaxy Sword with an animated Prismatic Galaxy Sword.

1. Download this mod into your SDV mod folder
2. Have the following mods installed:
Content Patcher
and Content Patcher Animations
3. Run the game, enjoy

1. Animation speed – You can change the speed at which the animation runs, by editing the content.json file. If you want it to be faster make the frame time lower, if you on the other hand want it slower make it higher.
2. Animation frames – If you want to change the images themselves, open the prismaticsword.png file using any image editing program (Paint for example). Simply paint the sword the way you want it. However if you change the number of frames, be sure to change the content.json file frame count.

This mod is not compatible with other mods that changes the Galaxy Sword image.

I really love making these mods, so feel free to message me with requests for other animations!


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