Animated Junimo Scarecrows Mod

Animated Junimo Scarecrows Mod

The spirits of the forest, seeing your effort in restoring Grandpa’s old farm, have decided to send some help. These junimos will watch over your crops for you, day and night! Then, come winter, they hibernate, restoring their energy for the year to come.

Or, you know, something like that. This mod will replace your regular scarecrows with infinitely cuter bouncing junimos which will change colour with the seasons. They won’t bounce in winter and will instead loaf up like a kitty and take a nap.

Content Patcher
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Colour variants:
Default/Starblue: green/pink spring junimoEemie: green/pink spring junimo, green/orange fall junimo
Please feel free to request more colour variants! If there’s enough support, I’ll add it as an option.
I’m not sure what happens if you install this without CPA, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Half the cuteness of these little guys is seeing them bounce.


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