Abandoned Joja Mart

Abandoned Joja Mart

Tired of those ugly Joja ruins contributing nothing to Pelican Town? Need some more farm space for crops or lumber trees? Wish that mysterious box behind Joja Mart actually did something? Well now you can have all three!

With the Community Center restored and the citizens of Stardew Valley boycotting Joja Mart, Morris and his cronies left town forever, but they left behind a crumbling building. Now you can enter that building through a secret passage in the fenced off area behind it, and use it for your own ends. Nature has begun reclaiming the space and some of the aisles and flooring have been broken down, leaving tillable land for you to grow crops and trees on. One of the empty display bins has filled with water and can be used as a water source for your watering can. Grass can be planted and harvested for hay. As a parting gift, Morris even left one of the registers on; it mostly sells garbage now, but even that can have a purpose with your recycling machines. And keep checking the register; it sells different things on different days, and who knows, some of those items might come in handy.

The area is indoors, so you can grow any crops regardless of season. There is one big tillable area that is optimized to fit 4 Iridium Sprinklers, as well as several individual tillable tiles to add to the aesthetic and plant trees in. Saplings cannot be planted in the Joja Mart, but Pine, Oak, and Maple can. There are some forest trees and grass already growing, but if you cut them you will need to replant them to get more; grass can be planted, but will not regrow or spread. Most of the individual tillable tiles outside of the main crop area are optimized for tree growth.

Installation: Place both folders, [TMX] Abandoned Joja Mart and [CP] Abandoned Joja Mart, in your Mods folder. That’s it. Requires Smapi, TMX Loader, and Content Patcher.

Uninstallation: Remove both folders from your Mods folder. Remember to remove any objects you have stored in the abandoned Joja Mart, as they will be deleted once the mods are removed.

Known Issues: Certain of the items available at the register have limited inventory on the days they are available, for balancing purposes. However, closing and re-opening the sale screen will replenish the stock, so an unlimited supply can be purchased. Currently, this is an issue with how the base game reads the instructions, and there is no workaround to truly implement the inventory limit. I guess you’re on the honor system, or you can just buy as much as you want, I won’t judge.

Special thanks to RyuuProductions_ryu’s JuniMart, one of the primary inspirations for the aesthetics on this mod. This mod will only affect the inside of the Joja Mart, so it works just fine with JuniMart, as you can see in the screenshot, and I highly recommend it.


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