Upgraded Casks

Upgraded Casks

Add new casks with 5x ~ 320x storage. Slightly faster than vanilla casks. Can work outside cellar.

Add new casks with large storage. Up to 320 wine can be placed in one new cask now.

Compared with vanilla casks, the quantity of ingredients and products are both multiplied by:
Copper Cask – 5x
Iron Cask – 20x
Gold Cask – 80x
Iridium Cask – 320x

Recipe of one cask = Wood*20 + Hardwood*5 + (this kind of metal bar)*5

Can work outside cellar.
Count 1 SDV day as 1200 min. So new casks work slightly faster than vanilla casks. But it’s still not fast at all, honestly.
Wine or cheeses gain one quality level from every process. You have to harvest them and re-place into casks if you want higher quality. But Automate and CFAutomate will do this for you. To obtain iridium-quality products, things to do are to place a chest next to the cask, throw wine or cheeses into the chest, and wait and wait and wait.

Existing Problem
This problem only occurs to wine. After process wine will be added 2 spaces ” ” to the end of its name. For example you will transform some normal “Starfruit Wine” to iridium-quality “Starfruit Wine ” after 3 processes. If you read the JSON Format in Custom Farming Redux, and find a solution to retain the original wine name, please let me know I’ll be glad to fix it!

Custom Farming Redux is required. For CFR v2.9.10 or later, just extract mods into “\Stardew Valley\Mods” folder.


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