More Random Edition

More Random Edition

First off all – credit to Tooshi for the original code (link to that version of the mod in the overview). Also, see the github link for some more info about known issues, etc.

The majority of the work done here was rewritten – but a few aspects of the original mod remain untouched. These include:

Randomizing mine levels (in my experience, though, this sometimes causes crashes)
Critter randomization
Animal randomization
NPC skin swaps
Intro cutscene madlib

Everything else has been reworked completely. Here’s a summary:

Bundle randomization
New bundles for each room with random items selected from themed pools and random number of those items required
Some bundles are completely random and select from most items in the game.
Crafting recipe randomization
Recipes are now created based on randomly selected items from a pool (not randomly selected premade recipes)
Crafting difficulty is balanced based on necessity of the item and difficulty of crafting the item in vanilla
Setting to choose to randomize levels you unlock crafting recipes at – must also randomize the crafting recipes themselves to have it do anything
Crop randomization
Crops, including fruits, vegetables, and flowers, have randomized (made-up) names, descriptions, prices (for both seeds and crops), and attributes (trellises, scythe needed, etc.)
This also includes custom images for all seeds and saplings to reduce confusion
Fish randomization
Fish have randomized (made-up) names, difficulty, and behavior
Locations, time-of-day, weather, and seasons are swapped as well
Forageable randomization
Forageables for every season and location are now randomly selected from all forageables + fruit (normally from trees)
Every forageable appears at least once per year, and some may appear more than once
Fruit tree randomization
Fruit tree saplings are now item saplings that grow a randomly selected item
Prices will be randomized and are loosely balanced based on the item they give
Weapon randomization
Weapon stats, types, etc. are randomized
Many weapons can now appear in mines containers
Setting to rename the Galaxy Sword, since there’s a hard-coded check on wilderness farms to spawn a high-level bat if you have an item named “Galaxy Sword” in your inventory
Boot randomization
Stats are randomized
Names are randomized
Monster randomization
Stats are randomized: HP / Resilience / Speed / Experience
The threshold before a monster moves toward you is randomized
The time a monster moves randomly is randomized
Up to a 5% chance to be able to miss an attack on a monster
Setting to shuffle unique monster drops among all monsters (Slime, Bat Wing, Solar Essence, Bug Meat, Void Essence, and Squid Ink)
Each monster can now drop a new random item
Blueprint randomization
Farm buildings that you get from Robin now choose from a more random pool of resources/items instead of a set list
This does not yet include anything you don’t get from Robin (Obelisks, the Gold Clock, etc.)
Music randomization
Most in-game songs and ambience are now randomly swapped 1 to 1 with another in-game song or ambience
Quest randomization
Quest givers, required items, and rewards are randomly selected.
Help Wanted quests are unaffected, but the randomized item names should appear as expected.
NPC birthday randomization
Randomizes the season and day of each NPC’s birthday
Does not assign birthdays to the same day
Does not assign birthdays on the same day of most festivals (excludes night market and the moonlight jellies)
Spoiler log
A spoiler log can be generated to see info about what was randomized
You must turn on this option in the settings to generate the log
Bug fixes to prevent game crashing
Different variants of randomized rain can now appear in one playthrough (previously only one type per playthrough)
A random item is added to each location’s artifact spot pool

Misc Notes:
This mod is multiplayer compatible – just make sure that everyone is using the same config file settings (config.json – located in the root of the mod folder. It’s generated when you first run the game with the mod installed).

Make sure that you restart the game completely before opening a new farm – it will not randomize things consistently if you open multiple files in same session. This will hopefully be fixed at a future date.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT UPDATING:If you update this mod, there’s a chance that the random generation for any given farm will change. Check the update log for how things might be affected.

Chikakoo and doomdonuts

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